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The Mind Of Moz Experience Ep7 Opting Opportunity

Tripple S Radio Monday's:

The Mind Of Moz Experience

Episode 7: Opting Opportunity

Noon & 8pmEST

Tune In Below:

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Todays episode,

Is about #opportunity. Some say when one door closes, another will open. Others might argue, that you only have one shot... Listen to this Monday's installment of "The Mind Of Moz Experience," and see if you might be holding your potential back!!!

And on this #Mondays, "Buskin' Out The Barrell," highlights a #bruvva, already illuminated with Brooklyn love. Lambo Show (@LamboShow) blessed us with an interview, and furthered the #experience with an in-house performance on the "Stand Tall. Get Yours.," segment.

"#OnTheSPOT! w/Moz in NYC, " this week introduces you to a young emcee from the #Bronx named Big Trouble()

Then a word from an in-field medical assistant giving us a quick look on the staye of Covid-19, and some precautionary measures, from a professional standpoint.

Ofcourse, that isn't all... The #playlist set for today holds your new, your old and the unheard of.

And I'm kicking it off with, "Como Lo Hace" the first major Independent track from my label mates at @TSEGPrecords, @NinoBrYFiferNation... Available now on all streaming platforms. Tune in and check it out!!!


Episode playlist:

Lose Yourself- Eminem

Legendary- KRen ft. Mozaliam

Hate My Boss- Cam'Ron

Get em' Girls- Cam'Ron

Make Amends- Mozaliam

Gnat- Eminem

First World Problems- Carnegie Kid

Designer Sh*t- Lambo Show

EveryBody Eats- Lambo Show ft. My Loyal Brothers

Lottery- Lambo Show

Notorious Thugz- Notorious B.I.G. ft. Bone Thugz "N" Harmony

Ghost- Lambo Show

Brook to the Bridge- Lambo Show ft. GQ

Deep Reverence- Nipsey Hustle ft. Big Sean

One Man Can Change The World- Big Sean

All on this episode of #TheMindOfMozExperience

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Follow the Team :

LABEL: @tsegprecords


Executive Producer: @lmg_eclypse



ARTIST: @tsegp_navi

ARTIST: @mozaliam









Producer: @devourbeatz

Live TV:@tsegplive



NJ.associate @kingkongmovement_llc.djchoco


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